Saturday, December 29, 2012

winter kale garland

last winter, i had the pleasure of working with wonderful photographer julie cope on a project inspired by my family's traditional advent wreaths around christmastime--but instead of using traditional greenery, i used kale from my garden, as well as asparagus fern and begonia leaves. it turned out beautifully and i highly recommend it in a pinch for a cheap and unique centerpiece. xx

goodnight, 2012

2012, i was terrified of you. but, more than any other year, you have been good to me. hard on me at times, but the kind of year that proves that if you are patient and stubborn and hopeful and tough, the very best things in the world can fall right into your lap.

photos: holiday wreaths, above; my kitchen table, below.

Monday, December 3, 2012

ici tout est bon

crummy rushed photos from a beautiful november wedding that included filling 800 square feet of lustre pearl with approximately 300,000 rose petals. rose petals that almost did not make it, and that came in teeny tiny bags of about 100 each. it was a trip but i had absolutely zero time to take photos, i can't *wait* to share photos from the photographer.