Tuesday, May 31, 2011

night owl

it's really (probably) too late for blogging, but i bought a mr. b out of nostalgia during a trip to h-e-b today and only finished it around midnight. so, here we are.

things i've learned recently:

red lipstick is the answer. always. if you need a reco as far as brand/shade, i'm happy to advise.

apparently it's significantly cheaper to cruise the greek isles than i would have ever imagined.

i am getting really addicted to twitter and i love/hate it. i am even more addicted to pinterest and unabashedly love it.

and i have a few really big announcements coming soon as loretta grows up a little bit.
but for now, night night.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

feast your corneas

mother's day

couple of photos left over from mother's day--even though it was a few weeks back (it's still may, right? just barely?)...

small break from weddings that has been nice, but the events pick up again next week. had some great meetings this week about fall events that are just gonna blow your mind.

more photos to come, including some shots from recent weddings. til then, keep on the sunny side.

Friday, May 20, 2011

two steps forward, one step back

lately i've been spending a lot of time cursing the absurdity of camera cords. specifically how absurdly necessary they are for blogging. i've imagined a perfect solution but i might not (won't) ever get around to patenting that shiz. but still, please, don't steal my idea, k?

bleh. do you really want to read anything i have to say? you're just here for the pictures, right? okay, good.

fine. here's the update:
i'm getting some really amazing stuff in right now from a very lovely wholesaler who is making my life so much easier. check this out:

yeah that's a succulent growing INSIDE a david austen garden rose... pretty nutty stuff amirite?

also, i'll be sprucing up miss natalie's booth at renegade handmade's craft fair this weekend with some lovely bouquets.

do you know about miss natalie? or canoe? both are run by superwoman natalie davis who works so hard doing amazing things with her creativity and yet still is one of the most likable people i know. it would be so worth it to come out this weekend and stop by and say heyyyyyy:

renagade craft fair
may 21 & 22
11 am -7 pm
palmer events center

Monday, May 16, 2011

"I had luncheon with Shel Silverstein recently. I don't know if you know some of his children's books for us, or some of his stuff in Playboy. Anyhow, he is a great man and I love him. I sat next to him at luncheon and was so impressed with the sense of great at-ease-with-himself which he gave off. He just seemed to be hitting on all 24 cylinders. I was feeling particularly out-of-sorts and displeased with myself that day so I asked him for advice on how to get to be the way he is. "Have you had some psycho-therapy, Shel?" I asked admiringly. "How come you are just so great?" "No therapy!" he said loudly, in the quiet restaurant. "Why should I? If I were hung up on goats why I would just find myself the sweetest prettiest cleanest goat in the world, that's what I'd do." Heads turned and I changed the subject."

Ursula Nordstrom to John Donovan, April 29, 1969
From Dear Genius, edited by Leonard S. Marcus

re-blogged from first milk, whose beautiful blog you should go check out.

Monday, May 9, 2011

oh heyyyy

i guess it is to be expected that the busier i am in real life, the slower this blog gets.

here's the update:

my floral heroes/teachers were on the t magazine blog being awesome. giving pointers on how to make your own arrangements. check it out, for real.

i have lots of pictures but no clue as to the whereabouts of my camera cord. hamstrung would be an accurate description of my blogging capabilities.

WEDDINGS. they make me forget to eat, miss out on anything resembling real sleep, and buy rompers at target in moments of weakness but, sheesh, i just love 'em.

and Y'ALL les fleurs du mal is tomorrow night and its going to be **killer** so run on over and get yourself a ticket. i'll be there in my 19th-century-parisian-opium-den best (read: i have no idea what i'm wearing--loan me something?)