Friday, May 20, 2011

two steps forward, one step back

lately i've been spending a lot of time cursing the absurdity of camera cords. specifically how absurdly necessary they are for blogging. i've imagined a perfect solution but i might not (won't) ever get around to patenting that shiz. but still, please, don't steal my idea, k?

bleh. do you really want to read anything i have to say? you're just here for the pictures, right? okay, good.

fine. here's the update:
i'm getting some really amazing stuff in right now from a very lovely wholesaler who is making my life so much easier. check this out:

yeah that's a succulent growing INSIDE a david austen garden rose... pretty nutty stuff amirite?

also, i'll be sprucing up miss natalie's booth at renegade handmade's craft fair this weekend with some lovely bouquets.

do you know about miss natalie? or canoe? both are run by superwoman natalie davis who works so hard doing amazing things with her creativity and yet still is one of the most likable people i know. it would be so worth it to come out this weekend and stop by and say heyyyyyy:

renagade craft fair
may 21 & 22
11 am -7 pm
palmer events center

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