Thursday, March 3, 2011

loretta brides: theresa, part 1

theresa was referred to loretta by my very supportive friend kristin, and was looking for a small amount of flowers for her very small wedding in driftwood. initially, theresa wanted to do a color palette of black, white, and green. we discussed flower likes and dislikes, and i came up with an inspiration board of collected images that reflected the direction i was thinking:

after looking over some of my previous work, theresa decided that she loved the look of bright colors, especially reds, greens, and oranges, popping against her white dress. so we revised the color palette and inspiration board accordingly:
still keeping the loose style, but adding bright pops and contrasts of color. we decided that while this would be the color palette for the wedding, that we would keep costs down for her bridal portrait bouquet by being more flexible based on what was available that week.

last sunday i met theresa out in driftwood for her bridal portraits--brightly colored springtime bouquet in hand. the weather was misty to drizzly, but it actually made the colors really sing in the photos. bonus: theresa also requested a flower collar for her sweet ten-year-old lab, juno, who begrudgingly obliged

***starting the first in a series of posts featuring the lovely brides of loretta flower. i hope these posts can somewhat illustrate the process of wedding planning that happens here at loretta... please feel free to comment with any feedback***

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  1. And the portraits you took from your phone....were my favorite!

    You are a fool if you do not hire this woman as your florist!

    MK - You are talented and AMAZING. THANK YOU!