Tuesday, June 14, 2011

a force that allows us to see how things have changed

did you know that linneaus, father of taxonomy, created a plan for a floral clock? the idea being that there were some kind of flowers that only bloomed at a certain point during the day (morning glories, evening primrose, etc.) and that this "clock" would be each of those planted in their respective positions on the face that correlated with the hour they were to bloom?

its amazing what you can learn listening to radiolab.

also amazing is how busy things have been and how much major change seems to be happening in the lives of everyone i know... have had more funeral or sympathy orders this week than ever before.

in the same episode of radiolab, a physicist and mathematician asked to define time in its purest sense came up with, "a force that allows us to see how things have changed". poetic, no?

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