Wednesday, September 14, 2011

personal aside

(all recent instagrams. from top-- dry creek saloon, my favorite summer watering hole; an installation i'm working on in my living room in homage to my grandmother; my dad's office)

thanks to car trouble/illness/other enactments of murphy's law, things have been nuts around here and, like (seemingly?) always, i find myself constantly catching up on things, my to-do list mocking me with its daily lengthening.

just barely getting moved in, just barely remembering to buy groceries, just barely reminding myself to read a book to wind down rather than watching back-to-back episodes of party down. (actually, i've just been watching those episodes of party down because, well, it rules.)

if you've had to be patient with me recently, thank you *very much* for doing so. if not, then i assume that means i haven't seen you in a while and let me just take this opportunity to let you know that i miss you and can't wait to catch up.

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