Monday, November 28, 2011

thanksgiving re-cap

thanksgiving break was filled with work--deliveries all day on tuesday and wednesday, flowers for a lovely clarksville family's thanksgiving table, potted herbs (with hand-made plant markers) for another event at westwood on friday. more deliveries on saturday.

got to spend a brief moment with family at the ranch on thanksgiving day. snuck away with my cousin, who is six months younger than me, lives 1500 miles away, and is the closest i've ever had to a sister. i missed her terribly. we sat on the steps of an old church down the road, drank shiners, squatted in the woods, and talked about our lives as if they were best-selling novels we couldn't put down.

long, lazy, new york times-reading sunday brunch with two of my very favorites. dinner every night at my house with friends. these quiet and cozy pockets of my personal life reminding me of the calming, balanced rhythm that stems from a life of work that you love.

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  1. Nice collection of flowers. I will surely send christmas flowers norway on upcoming thanks giving event.