Thursday, October 25, 2012

have i ever mentioned how much i love my home office/studio? it's the most wonderful room in my house. it's got light like a greenhouse but can chill like a cooler when i need to keep inventory overnight. the photo above is my desk, which i try to keep limited to computer/paper/drawing activities but it usually ends up strewn in flowers on a wedding weekend, just like everything else.

the photos below are from a random roll of film i recently found that spanned a year of treks across texas. from new year's in marfa, to a trip to san antonio to see an old friend and photograph my grandparents' old home, to a meeting with a bride in houston where i got to squeeze in time at one of my favorite spots, the menil.

right now i am very very busy, i literally have to schedule time to hang out with my friends two weeks in advance. but i am also very happy. definitely the happiest i've been all year, probably the happiest i've been in seven, eight years? i have been spending free moments (most of which are at either 3 am or 7 am) writing weird poems that i keep in my pockets. i like watching the folds wear in the paper, feels like the poem and i are really getting to know each other. i dig for it in my pocket, pull it out and root out my favorite lines, re-arrange them. i suppose it's actually a lot like working with flowers.

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