Sunday, February 12, 2012

valentine's day is, hands down, my favorite day of the year. not because i'm crazy busy or because i have any kind of don juans making grand gestures for me (HA), but because i actually get to be a part of helping people plan the way they're going to show someone how much they love them. it's truly, truly moving to me every year the amazing thought and care that people place into their orders and it makes it impossible for me to be cynical about love or dating or relationships, no matter how desolate things may feel at times.

i came across this poem, which my studiomate had tacked up on her wall, and this one part of it stopped me in my tracks. here's you to you, lovers. please keep leading by example.

when you speak my leaves hold color
i go limber again
and recognize myself unbelievably
close to you
very like you
very like eternal.
there are no last words between us.

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  1. I absolutely love these flowers! I'm using this photo as the exact palatte for my wedding. Do you still have the source where you found these flowers? I would love to see more from this shoot!